How High can I Over Clock my GPU?


I just wanted some advice on how high I could Over Clock my GPU to, I'm using EVGA Precision. I OC'd it quite some time ago like 2-3months ago and was just wandering if I could raise it up.

GPU: GTS 240


Core Clock: 675
Shader Clock: 1620
Memory Clock: 1100
Fan Speed: 65 (Don't really mind the sound that coming out from the case)

So any Ideas what I should/could raise???

Please reply, it would help...
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  1. EDIT: I've raised it a bit more =

    Core Clock: 729
    Shader Clock: 1750

    About the Fan Speed, should I put it on Auto? or is this OK
  2. Do it the only way you can, increase the clock speed slightly, 10-15Mhz increments, test for stability, if its stable increase the overclock, if its not stable the either increase the voltage or lower the overclock.

    Trouble is its hard for people to say you can overclock your card to xxx value, just because not all graphics cards (or CPU/RAM) overclock to the same level.

    Only way is to overclock and test for yourself :)
  3. OK so I've Overclocked it quite a bit more!!


    Core Clock 850mhz
    Shader 2040

    But then something about my Card not Responding and then recovered made me think I should Decrease it so now its:

    Core Clock 800
    Shader 1920

    You have any programs that can tell me if my card is stable?
  4. Furmark will stress the card to the max, watch those temps though.

    The driver failing is a clear sign the overclock isnt stable.
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