Overclock failure, please help.

hey guys,

i have an old e8400 and for some reason i cant get it any higher then 3.6ghz. i know these chips are capable of 4.0+ so i am a little comsufes as what to do next.

i can get past the post when upping it to 3.9 but then just before the windows logo would normally come up it says i need to boot from C.D. when re-entering the bios my hard drive isnt even recognised.

is there anything i can do to get my hard drive stable again, with some voltage tweaks or something??

i am currently running:

core2duo E8400
asus P5KPL/1600 mobo
4gb of ddr2 800 mhz

this mobo dosnt really have many options but the 3.9ghz settings are, CPU freq: 433 x 9, ram @ 800mhz. everything else on auto.

any help is much appreciated.
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  1. bit of a strange one, some things I would try:

    Flash the BIOS to the latest version for your motherboard

    Try the HDD in another SATA port, soem ports may run off a different controller

    Maybe the overclock isnt stable and so can't access/load windows, try upping the Vcore slightly if its safe to do so.

    Myabe a small bump in the southbridge voltage? Not sure on this one, haven't overclocked s775 in along time.
  2. I'm in the bios now, trying some of your suggestions out reporting from my phone. I'll keep you posted.

  3. Ok cool, just looking through some google results and some other people have had the same issue, but I cannot find a resolution :( my google skills fail me.
  4. Ok, so bios is up to date and changing the hd stat port was unsuccessful.

    At the moment I have it @ my stable 3.6 and upping the frequency in +1 increments. I'm just under 3.7 stable, when it stops booting I guess I will up the core voltage a bit ect ect to see if I can get it stable.

    Not sure about messing with the southbridge as I know very little about it.
  5. I would try giving the ICH the smallest bump in voltage, it controls things like PCI, USB, IDE, SATA...ETC..

    Let us know how you get on after raising the Vcore.
  6. Ok, kept raising the frequency as above stated. Got to 3.75ghz then the hard drive nonsense started happening. Raised the vcore, southbride, lowered ram frequency, upped the mch voltage and nothing. Just can't get past this hard drive issue.
  7. To add, I can not find any ich option.
  8. Is the highest frequency you can boot at completely stable? If it is and you cant boot at anything higher then i'm all out of idea's, sorry.

    Maybe someone else with experience with this issue will help you out.
  9. 3.7 is my limit by the looks of it. Any frequency/voltage increases past this and my hard drive won't boot windows.

    Thanks for your help. :-)
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