My optical drive just disappeared in windows 7

Hello to all!
I just need help with my optical drive keeping disappering all time.

I run Windows 7 with mother board MSI H67MA-E45 - socket 1155, and optical drive LG GH22NS50.

I have tried suggestion with the regedit on the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, with lower and upper filter, but I do not have even this option.

I tried disabling the CD/DVD Integrity Checks, but nothing happened.

I tried to unistall the drive and install back, but no success, as after a while simply the optical is not
present at all.

I checked the SATA cable replacing it, moving to another SATA slot, but when the optical is gone, is gone no
miracles to get it back again.

I noticed that the LG GH22NS50 is not windows 7 tested from the MS website. Could it be a matters of compatibility?

I need urgently help, as I need to load programs in my machine.

Thanks to all!
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  1. Hi Eon,

    It does look like compatibility issues, try to download the drivers and see what happens. Other than that if you have another optical drive use that and see if it works.

    You may need to buy a new drive that is Win7 certified, and obviously make sure its SATA.

    That's the only thing really.
  2. Hello Spaz,
    unfortunately HW win7 compatibilty list seems different between different geographics sites.....however, from the UK MS site, it looks that the optical drive LG GH22NS50 is Win7 compatible as shown below:

    Ufortunately, before tomorrow, I will not get any alternative drive to run some test.......however, to me, it looks some other issue which is not really solved by MS in win7.....too much people on web have some trouble related with this issue.....

    Any help, would be apprecciated...

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