Is this a good wireless adapter?

Hi, i'm just wondering what wireless adapter should i get. My usb network adapter recently started to die on me and i've decided its time to replace it. I've been told that a pci card would be more stable and perform better than a usb. Is this true?
I've been recommended by a friend to get the D Link DWA-522 network card since its in my price range.
Is this a good card or can you recommend me another one that is in a similar price range.
My router is a linksys WRT310N.

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  1. that is a great card but do u need it prob not but pci will definatly be faster then usb. now back to the card what is ur network cause if u dont need 802.11 n draft ur waisting ur money u can get one half that price that will be just as fast on ur network. BUt if u do got 802.11n then get it.

    What kind of router u useing?
  2. nm i awnsered my own question i missed ur useing a wrt31on which is n draft but id reccomend getting a linksys card to run with that useing the same vendor as ur router usually will be a faster speed network

    you will prob see better performance with this card its a cple dollars more but would be a better match for your router
  4. I have a Belkin 8053 N adapter. I had to use it to connect to a G network because any G adapters would not see the network due to the distance/low signal. I had the problem in a college dorm with very poor wireless signal. What is the area you will be using in?
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