Swap 1tb out for older 80gb drive

I just bought a Acer ax3910 small desktop. It came with a 1tb hard drive. I have an extra older toshiba (hdd2159) 80gb drive. I was thinking I could just burn the recovery disks, and reinstall onto the 80 bg and get an esata enclosure for the 1tb. Does this potentially problematic to anyone?
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  1. mmmm... 80GB, sounds like a pata drive. Check before you swap. But I reaaly don't suggest you swap because the 1TB drive will kill the old 80GB drive in performance.
  2. i just want to put windows and programs on another drive.

    So i should fork out the wopping 45 bucks for a WD Black 160 gb drive? the 1tb is 5400... (i will do ssd at some point later.)
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    Na, just throw everything on your 1TB drive until you have an ssd. Even a 160GB drive will still be similar if not slower compare to the 1TB 5400rpm drive. Just give you an idea, the king of the past, the velociraptor perform similar to a 1TB caviar black today. I assume you are not using SAS drive. But currently, only SSD that can beat the performance of 1-3TB drives.
  4. ok.

    then my next question is.... partition?
  5. You could do an 80GB partition for your program and OS and the rest for storage. That way, it is easier for an image backup on an 80GB HDD because you will not go over 80GB on the image. If there is space left on the 80GB, put the most important files on the storage partition to it. Never without backup!
  6. I will make a 80GB partition for OS and program, this is to make sure your system backup image will fit into the 80GB drive. Use the 80GB as the backup drive and store the backup system image in it. The rest of the 1TB drive will be for storage. If the system backup image is less than 80GB, duplicate the most important files in storage onto the free space in the 80GB HDD as well. Never use computer without backup.
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  11. sounds good.
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  13. Ok, I haven't touched my machine since last post.

    I am having 2nd and third thoughts on having only one drive for everything. I teach design and do run autocad and cs4 at the same time , and multitask between programs, sometimes accessing very large files. I am use to my dual hard drive laptop which this new system is replacing.

    So I guess I need confirmation that there would NOT be much advantage to pulling out the 1 terabyte drive the computer came with a replacement with 120 gigabyte drive to install windows and program files on while the 1 terabyte drive will be placed in an external eSATA enclosure and simply lay on top of the system.

  14. I know that if you use the 1tb as the boot and program drive, os and program will load faster. I am not sure about the impact of 1 HDD vs 2 HDD in autocad because I don't use it, sorry. But I suspect the impact will be minimum because it will be in the ram. You may get a better answer by starting a new thread in application and ask someone with more experience in autocad.
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