Creating table for storing marks

• Dr. Murthy has with him the names and marks of 25 students in three subjects namely Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. He needs to have the following operations done on this data
• Store student name and marks in separate files Maths.txt, Physics.txt and Chemistry.txt
• Display the toppers in each subject (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry)
• Display the topper in these students. Topper is one who has the highest total marks.
• Before you proceed, another 5 students approach Dr. Murthy saying that their marks have not been stored. You will need to store the data (names and marks in each subject) of these 5 students in and then perform the above mentioned operations.
• You should handle exceptions like NotMarksException and MarksOutOfRangeException if student enters non-integer data and if student enters marks more than 100 or less than 0 respectively.
• Dr. Murthy has also asked you to do the following:
• Follow Java coding standards
• Design separate classes for displaying menus or data, storing data and performing logic
• Package your classes in “marks”
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  1. Thanks for this homework assignment, I'll get right on it.

    I'll give you one of mine. Given 4 kids aged 20, 18, 12, 6 form a college fund, driving around schedule, work time, wife time, pool playing time, playing with kids time.

    Let me know when that's set and the bank account numbers you used.
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