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Alright, so i just installed an Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro cpu cooler in my new computer build. The thing is, when i turn the computer on the cooler will spin for a split second and then stop. It seems like its getting power but it just doesnt wanna spin. Is there something wrong with the fan itself or is there something in the bios that i gotta mess with.

Please help cause i dont really wanna return this thing ^^;
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  1. are you connecting the power to the motherboard? some coolers come with a cable to connect directly to the psu so you might want to give that a try if you have one. i was just about to buy a freezer 7 pro as well...
  2. If I try and connect the HSF to anything but the MoBo's CPU header, I'll get a STOP and CPU Fan warning requiring me to hit a key to allow the boot to continue. If your BIOS doesn't have that feature, it could be just protecting itself. Do you have the HSF connected to the MoBo's CPU header /?
  3. its not giving me a cpu fan warning or anything of the sort. Im positive that the fan is connected to the proper header. The whole computer just goes on as if nothing is wrong.
  4. it´s actually normal, the fan has a heat sensor which is somewhere fixed between the heat spreader fins, the fan starts spinning automaticaly after a few mins of operation when the fins get hot and the sensor senses it.
    i believe the cpu warning alarm is deactivated in your bios, and it´ll be a nice idea to leave it disabled otherwise it´ll trip the alarm everytime the fan stops. i´ve been using the same cooler for last 3 years and it´s always been doing this at startup, and never had any temp problems.
  5. the CPU "fan" fail warning is what i meant
  6. sorry for not posting in a while, my internet was gay, lol. But i fixed the problem!! Aparently the fan part wasnt fully connected to the motor, so the circuit wasn't complete. i so happy the fan works ^__^
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