P5E-VM DO & RAID @ Win XP Installation

Is it true that, in general, if i select RAID as type of SATA in BOIS, I need to do the F6-method, which installs drivers of RAID, before continue to the regular XP disc installation?

As of now, when the disc finished loading the initialization files, (F6 -> F2 -> load system files...), it got stuck at "starting windows..." for 10-15 seconds, then blue screen came out.

I suspected it had to do with the raid setting.

So basically, I have to do F6 -> done with the driver, then -> continue to XP installation?

Thank you.
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    Either the F6 method or you can slipstream the drivers.
  2. I tried to slipstream the driver with XP2

    I read these two articles and finally got a driver from ASUS

    But still blue screen of death after the initializations.
    I think somehow during the loading file process, I believed I saw the PC was loading some scisc drivers (it showed on the bottom), so I believed my slip was successful?

    I had my SAT config to RAID already.

    All I had was XP2 + that driver I got from ASUS.

    Anything else?
    I don't have a floppy driver, and I really want to learn how to create a good slipstream disc.
  3. HI ALL,

    I just solved it. I got the right driver in the end.
    Select ICH8R (both ACHI and RAID) into the integration.

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