On board sound problem with GA-8I945PL-G motherboard

My PC has a GA-8I945PL-G motherboard with Realtek HD Audio built in. I would like to use the sound which is playing through the card for an audio stream on webites such as ustream & jtv. The problem is, when I try to broadcast and select an audio source the Realtek sound doesnt appear as an option. It's like it is not recognised. The sound does play on my PC though, with no problems.

I thought I would be able to choose my sound card as an audio source, but it doesnt seem to work. The only option I get is "Realtek Digital Input". If I select this as the sound source nothing happens..there is no sound.

I wonder if anyone can help me or point me in the right direction.

I have upgraded the drivers to the latest version, but this also didnt help.

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  1. Right click on the speaker icon in the right hand corner of your taskbar; select 'Recording Devices'; should pop-up this:

    It should indicate when you have a mic plugged in; if it doesn't, you likely have something wrong in your driver install, or your FP audio plug or 'plug-type' selection... What kind (mfg & p/n) of case are you using?
  2. Thank you for your reply. I right clicked on the speaker icon as you mentioned and then on recording devices. Plugging in a mic didn't seem to do anything, so I reinstalled the latest drivers again. This seems to have solved the problem as I now have an extra option, "Sound Mixer", which wasn't there before. This option allows me to broadcast sound from my sound card, which is what I wanted.
  3. Always welcome! :hello:
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