Swapping mobo from intel to amd, keeping same os and everything

This time I want to know how much of a pita it would be to take the hd from my intel and put it into a new amd system and boot from it and bassically mae a new computer without losing all my data. I might solve my issue by doing up a quick amd athlon 64 x2 build to hold me over until the summer when i get some more cash. I want to take my intel system and have all of my same hard drive things on it. I want to know if it's possible to put the hardrive in transfer all the data to a new one and then boot from it without having to reinstall my os.
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  1. You will need to back your stuff up and do a clean install when you are changing out mobos ect.
  2. Your current OS drive has all the hardware drivers installed from your current build. It won't finish loading if you change motherboards.
    You could try a 'repair install' of the OS which should locate and replace the hardware drivers where needed.
    But be sure to backup all your important data first.
  3. If your OS is XP, the odds are slim and none. If Vista, the odds improve marginally.

    Back up and try it.

    If XP, google for a guide to doing this and follow it. Don't do either without backing up.
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    Assuming that you are using Windows, it would be a HUGE p.i.t.a. to just swap the hard drive with a pre-installed OS from an Intel based mobo to a mobo with an AMD chipset. Chances are Windows will freak out once is begins to recognize a completely new hardware base and you'd prolly be lucky to get it to completely load. If Windoze did load and you were able to update all the drivers, completely removing the Intel drivers would be near impossible, and would most likely cause numerous issues with Windon't freezing and/or throwing out the frequent BSoD.

    Suck it up and just do a fresh install...
  5. That might work but will need to reinstall all your programs over

    And like the OP said make sure to back it all up

    But @ this point the time to back it all up, Why would you not just do a clean install and reload your backed up files.

    I tryed that repair thing one time and it was messy, might as well of just did a clean install (shurgs) JMHO
  6. "Suck it up and just do a fresh install... "

  7. O.k. Ill probably do a new install I have an extra copy of windows xp anyway It doesn't matter that much anyway I'll probably set up the currnt drive as a slave and get my data off of it that way. thanks for the fast responses
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