CPU is much too hot

So I recently installed a xspc rasa 750 rs 360 kit on my i72600k and I've already aireated it multiple times and reattached the block, but even with all that and a 360mm radiator, I'm still get temps of 80 degrees celsius at 4.2 Ghz. This is really bugging me, does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!
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  1. You have air in your loop or the block isn't seated correctly. Have you tipped your rad to remove air? Are you getting flow? There is absolutely no way you should be getting these kinds of temps.
  2. Ya.. something isn't right. Just to rule out the obvious..

    You are using thermal paste :sarcastic:
    There is air flowing through your rad
    You don't have any kinks in your tubing

    Maybe it'd help if you gave a few more details :P
  3. Pics might also help.

    Please validate that water is flowing through the loop and movement is visible in the reservoir.
  4. maybe way to much voltage? whats your voltage set at?
  5. I am for sure posting pics in the morning. But I haven't tried tipping the radiator yet, is all I have to do take the radiator off, tip it and run? And I am getting flow and the anti kink coil is doing its job.
  6. You can also just move the case around while the pump is running, this will help as well. It could be excessive voltage, but you really shouldn't see load temps that high until you get closer to 5 ghz...4.2 should be pretty easy to hit with lower volts on a 2600k on air without issue.
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