Can Someone finsih this build!!!!!

Ok This is what I have so far... I bought a corsair 800D case. an i7 975 intel. An evga 760 clasiffied sli x58 over clockers special MOBO. a 1000w corsair power supply. I really want some suggestions on the memory, my hard drive set up, DVD burners, and of course a 24inch monitor. I will be doing graphics on this machine. I am not a gamer but I really want a decent machine. I would like to take advantage of the removable drives on the corsair 800D. So I suppose a SATA drive set up would be great. I can use some internal stationary hard drives too to run my operating sustems on. Can someone suggest something that is the flavor of the month? Many thanks...

Case: corsair 800D case

Processor: i7 975 intel- I have not actually order this but I am really close to buying it... I am scratching my head on this hard....

MOBO: evga 760 clasiffied sli x58 over clockers special MOBO

Power supply: 1000w corsair power supply

CPU cooler: Corsair H-50
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    You've already poured a great deal of money into your system, much of which went for relatively small performance gains.

    In keeping with that theme,
    - 12 GB 160 8-8-8-24 RAM
    - a pair of Intel SSDs in RAID 0 for your OS drive,
    - a WD Black 32mb cache drive in whatever size/quantity you think you require,
    - a Sony Optiarc optical drive 24x DVD read DVD/CD R-RW. Does everything but eat and Blueray, and does it fast.

    If you're doing graphics, Dell's top of the line 24" monitors are *always* very well rated. They are sometimes a little laggy for picky picky pew pew gamers, but that won't be an issue for you.
  2. Thanks a ton twobox... Do you think this would be a decent system?
  3. Would certainly be expensive.
  4. Since you going top end:

    Mushkin Redline

    Mechanical....pick from here (check noise and temperature as well as performance charts and note that the same vendor series may have wildly varying performance depending on size ....i.e. WD Black 1 TB versus 2 TB have very different performance though both run a bit hot and noisy compared to others.,3.html

    For graphics work, you won't want anything with a TN under $500 is the S-PVA Dekk 2408WFP

    Optical drive....
    BR / DVD Plextor 320AS

    SSD's are a HD option but my thinking is I'm gonna wait till after the whole slew of firmware upgades happen post October 22 and prices drop after XMas.
  5. I agree Jack on the hard drives for sure. I am going to bring the system up on the standard drives, and watch the pricing as I need to expand my hard drive capacity. Thanks a ton for the response.
  6. You know it will probably be close to the release date of windows 7 so I may just look at sometime after then to bring this sytem to life!
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