Top 10 pc games with low configurations

hello im Raj rocker.. my pc configurations r

graphic memory 128 MB AGP graphics card with hardware transform & lighting support
Pentium III 450 CPU
8X CD-Rom
os- Windows xp
16MB Direct3D Video Card
cpu- 2 Ghz
128MB Video Card
Ram- 1 GB
HDD- 27.4 Gb
sound card- DirectX 9.0c
DirectX- 9.0c

can u please suggest me any 10 best action, adventures and fantasy 3d games for my pc.. please please please help me
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  1. Some old D&D games should run on that and are pretty good. Eye of the Beholder for example. Doom may as well. I guess you are out of the US so your PC market will not be the same as ours, but for about $100 you can pick up a used computer that is about 10 times faster than yours that will be able to play tons of games.
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