Most efficient quality PSU for low-end system

Looking for a PSU to max an office desktop efficiency at reasonable cost. Not a demanding system. (has an HD 4350) What do you think my best choice is?

I have a corsair 400 that I love, but since this system doesnt really need 400w-- would the bronze rated seasonic be a better choice?

EDIT:Sorry I was unclear-- I own the corsair in a DIFFERENT system-- I would be buying new for this computer.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. If you have the corsair it makes sense to use it instead of buying a new one.
  2. corsair of course, corsairs are always nice if you campare it to others. and it even offers a higher watts.
  3. Sorry I was unclear-- I would be buying new for this computer. I just meant that I had previously purchased a 400cx and like it a lot.
  4. Acually I think the Antec would be more efficient. The Cosair is great & more powerful tho.
  5. There are only two 400 watt power supplies that have earned 80+ Gold certification for energy efficiency:

    Acbel FS9008

    Delta Electronics DPS-400W

    Both units cost less that $40.00 retail. Bump it up to 500 watt power supplies and there are quite a few.
  6. I vote for another Corsair. The difference in efficiencies at that power level isn't much and the 400CX is my favorite sub-500 watt PSU.
  7. obsidian - Isn't that a 230-240 volt psu designed for commercial servers?
  8. yeah thats a whole 4000watts of it
  9. obsidian - Somewhere there must be a whacked out hardcore gamer dreaming of the day he can use it with a seriously overclocked Intel octo-core cpu, liquid nitrogen, and 8 of the world's fastest, most expensive, video cards in octo-mode to satisfy an insatiable urge to go on a suicidal mission to save the galaxy from alien invaders! :lol:
  10. cant i use to power my 486 with my voodoo?
  11. LOL @ some of your comments.

    Thanks for the advice from all of you. This system really only needs like 250w so I'm strongly considering the Antec.

    I'll also look into the Acbel FS9008 and Delta Electronics DPS-400W. Does anyone know anything about these companies?
  12. delta one of the biggest oem suppliers in the world made their name in sever power supplies, owned by dell provides most of the antec power supplies and various other companies

    acbel been round a while not as big as delta. i think they use seasonic and enhance as oem suppliers
  13. Dell own's Delta ?, never heard that before.
    Delta provides Dell with power supplies, part of what made them ( Delta ) the biggest supplier of oem power supplies in the world.
    Acbel is an oem, and judging by this review , not good

    this was one of their earlier models

    yeah dell bought into delta
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