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Hi there.

I just brought my parts for my new computer and build them, they were:
i5 750
MSI P55 GD65 Motherboard
G Skill Ripjaws 2GB (x2)
Coolermaster 550w
LITEON 24x Iinternal DVD/CD Rewriter
Seagate Baracuda 320GB HDD
Thermaltake Xaser VI MX

Anyhow, it boots up and I am able to access the BIOS menu.
I set the CD/DVD drive as 1st in the boot order.

But I cannot boot from my XP CD.

It comes up as this "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected"

I've even tried taking out my old DVD drive out of my older computer (Which i've used to install XP) and it still didn't work..

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  1. What are your BIOS settings for the DVD?
    Are you certain the DVD connectors -to power and mobo - are good? You might try different cables - maybe the SATA cable (is it SATA?) is bad. Try a different power connector too.
    If you have any USB devices connected - disconnect for now.
  2. Where did your XP CD come from? Is it a "recovery Disk" ? If so, it won't work.

    Was it included in a Dell, HP, Compaq etc PC you had earlier? If so, its probably locked to the old mobo.
  3. Here is my boot order:
    (1) DVD/CD
    (2) HD Sata ect

    That's all.

    BIOS Settings for the HD, are to default I guess, I havn't touched them.

    I'll go try some new connecters that came with the board.
  4. Ahem! Try another OS disk.
  5. No it's a actual windows xp disk.
    No recovery disk.

    I've installed it on two computers before.
  6. Just put new SATA connecters in and still the same.
  7. I think it's something in the BIOS.

    For my concern the OS CD if fine.
    The DVD drive and connectors are fine.

    What do you suggest that is wrong?
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    i got to be the CD/DVD copy of the windows, same happen to me with a old DELL pc, i couldnt get the cd to work, then again it was an ISo.file i created, the my friend lend me his Vista DVD and worked like a charm.
  9. Yeah but the thing it the CD works in my other computers.
    So it wouldn't be the CD.
  10. Okay take that back.
    My Linux Unbuntu Disc Boots :P

    Guess it's my XP CD Correct?

    (It's a copy of the actual one as well)
    (But had worked in the past)

    Thanks guy's!
  11. So a new Windows OS will solve my problem, correct?

    (My hardware is fine, since linux booted)
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