Help building a new gaming machine

Hi All

I'm after a gaming machine with the best bang for my buck
I like to have my computer on 24/7, so overclocking is normally no good for me.

I've had a try at selecting parts but i just seem to always end up with the sub-total of 4000$...

So, based on the prices at can you please advise which of the available parts there would be best to use to make a good gaming system?

My budget is 3000$ (all prices are Aus$)

I only need the box, no monitor, no keyboard/mouse etc.

Much appreciated

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  1. I'd start by looking at the standard builds here and at other sites such as extremetech.,156.html

    Scroll down till you see the "System Build Marathon" articles.....note september was "AMD only" which is kind of a disappointment as it artificially limits the choices so you may wanna look at the May builds too.

  2. Hmmm, with the build where they use 3X4890's, would it be better to use 1 5870 and an i7 960?
    Also, I'm not sure how much ram i need, what's considered overkill? is 8GB (what they used in toms sept. build) overkill? or will 6gb be bottlenecking the system?
  3. i'm actually building an i7 computer with a budget of $2000 USD. i've got it up to just over $1900 with 2 5870's!
  4. i7 920
    x58 mb
    6 gig of ram
    a pair of samsung f3 500 gig hard drives
    a 5870
    decent cpu cooler
    antec 902 case
    850 watt psu , corsair tx ?
    a dvd drive
    another 5870 if you have a vast monitor or are compensating for lacking in the trouser department

    there will be change left over for taking your mom out for a meal
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