What to do after downloaded my OS?

What to do right after i download my OS? (Win 7 RC), im guessing download the graphics card drivers and then download the anti virus, so i guess right after i download the OS just pop in my graphics driver CD?
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  1. I do the OS then the mobo drivers first then the GPU SC Mouse ect < dload all the new one first, dont use the old ones that came with the hardwhare then Anti virus then go online and get the windows updates.
  2. whoa whoa slow down, gpu sc mouse? wadyu mean dont use the old ones that came with the hardware

    Oh, where do i put the drivers anyway? Which folder...
  3. GPU = video card
    SC =Sound card, if you have one
    Mouse hmm well the thing that you move around and see the arrow move on the screen

    Dont use the old drivers for thos, Its better to dload the new drivers to a cd or flash drive and use the new ones.
  4. sound card should be inbuilt so it'll be there with the MB drivers.

    So i should download the latest drivers from the internet? What happend to the "If it ain't broken, dont fix it" rule?

    Yes you sort of named them all at once, dident understand the sentence
  5. Win 7 will install a generic driver for most of your system.
    After the install is done you should have most of your functionality....except your high end graphics.
    Install your motherboard disc and install those drivers.
    Then when your system is back up get the latest "win7" drivers for your video card.
    After that get you anti-virus/anti-spam software installed and finally get the win7 updates.
    Hope this helps.....JQ
  6. thank you, i have ABSOLUTELY no knowledge in this field, haha, everything i learned is pretty much off the internet ;], wonder how long it'll take me to realize i've probably done something wrong....Where should i download the drivers? Is there a specific place i place the drivers or do i just open them up and they update the existing ones
  7. List you system components...cpu, video card, mother board, etc....

    For starters is your cpu an AMD or Intel?
    Is your video card an ATI or NVIDIA?
    That kinda stuff....
    If you have no idea of what I'm talking about then you need to get someone with some knowledge on here on your behalf or you need to go to the library and learn what your talking about....
    Sorry if this sounds harsh, but you need to know what you are talking about before you can start to set up a system....even in the most basic of settings....
    If you want some private toutering then you may pm me..but only if you will follow instructions.....OK?
  8. Haha no i know the basics, im just not sure of the follow through, since i've never really done this before and ive had no physical help

    i7 920
    Asus p6t deluxe v2
    Xfx 4890 XXX
    OCZ 6GB Platinum
    Corsair 850TX

    I just thought that the drivers were installed on the components, guess not...Where do i find the latest drivers for my components? ( like the GPU)
  9. For the XFX4890 go to ATI.com and get the win7 drivers.
    For the Asus motherboard most of your drivers are/should be installed, but you can check by going to the win logo and left clicking and then right clicking on computer, then click on properties, then left click on device manager and anything with a yellow exclamation mark beside it has a problem.
    If you see the NETWORK/NIC, AUDIO or other devices highlighted then you will need to put your ASUS disc in and install the drivers.
    Please let me know before hand..OK
  10. Thanks a bunch mate!

    Oh, you forgot to mention where i should put the drivers, which folder? Does it matter? (where do you put yours?)

    Oh, and i guess the new drivers i download will replace the onces that came with the disk? Or is there no point of my slipping in the disk if im just gonna download it off the internet?
  11. NO PROBLEMS.....MATE.....!
    Been there before......it's easy once you get your feet wet......sort of like swimming!
    Enjoy your system and don't worry about posting here in the future...we're here to help!
  12. Arrr you dident answer the new question x.x haha
  13. Ya put the drivers off the disc first and if they need updating then up date them later..but, you can see what drivers you need by going to the "device driver" screen before you download....OK?
    2 posts ago......lol
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