Any have driver IBM pentium II

any have driver IBM pentium II
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  1. What century are you from, bro?

    I liked Lightspeeds Windows Reference Page but now it's gone only an archive exists.A good source for help links for old 1990's Windows 3.x,9.X systems.
    Nothing wrong at all with an old computer system if you enjoy it.

    You could also look at I.B.M.'s site too even though you have an antique.
  3. A Pentium 4 can beat up your system to a pulpe easily with merely $100.
  4. True but I enjoy old systems now and then.
    I Still enjoy a 486,Pentium or Pentium 3 system.
  5. An antique collection? Are you going to pass it to your grandchildren so that they can sell those old PCs for great prices? LOL
  6. Not really.I do have some microcomputers from the 70's though.
    I restored 2 Macintosh systems that were the first ones sold in Apple's dealerships in Jan 1984 to working condition.I might trade one for a new Mac.Even have the accessories for it including the tan carrying bag.I got them from a thrift store a few years ago for a few bucks.They are quite rare now.
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