P55A-UD4P with Solid State Drive

Is anyone using an ssd with the new sata III? I just purchased an intel x25-m ssd and is wondering if I should plug that into the sata 6 and my WD Caviar blk 1tb into sata 7 using sata III cables. My ssd will have my os and all of my main aps and the WD will be for backup and storage. I also bought an extra 4gb of ram so I'll have a total of 8gb of ram for what I'll be doing. Just seeing if anyone out there has the new mobo with sata 3 and is using it with an ssd. Looking for some ideas. Thanks
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  1. Just a question, Why plug into sata6. Your SSD will not take advantage of SATA6 unless you do a raid0 and then you lose the advantage of win7 trim cmd.

    Currently, with the exception of SSD raid0, there is not much out there to utilize sata 6. Reason I opted for the Non "A" version.

    But to answer your question, you should be fine. Just do not expect a performance gain.
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