Need advice for a case that's ready for future SLI, water cooling.

I have been gradually buying parts for my very first build, and so far I've purchased the following:

CPU: Intel Core i5 750 BX80605I5750 Processor

Memory: CORSAIR XMS3 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600

Mobo: ASUS P7P55D PRO LGA 1156 Intel P55 ATX

GPU has yet to be decided, but it's leaning towards a toss up between the Radeon 4890 and GTX 275.

What I'm looking for is a case and power supply that are ready for SLI and subsequent water cooling at a later date, but compatible with these parts for the time being. What's an appropriate case for this build and what kind of power supply is advisable? The size doesn't really matter, and I'm looking for practicality/price first, appearance second.
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  1. CM 690 is a good case, its a midtower but bigger than most other mids.

    Any of the Corsair PSU,s should be good.
    Something along the 750 watters or higher should do.
  2. That Cooler M is at a nice price, much obliged.
  3. Wait>>>they are coming out with a CM690II next month.
    Not sure of the price though.

    Here is the inside of my first generation 690.
    It can hold alot of crap.
  4. Good to know, I'll be waiting on either of those GPUs to drop in price so I might as well wait and see on this too.
  5. Yeah i dont really want a full tower but i do like the extra room to work inside.
    Im liking the looks of the new 690II.
  6. Case requirements for a water cooled system can get interesting. Have you read Conumdrum's water cooling guide over in the cooler and heatinsinks section of this forum? It is required reading. Here's the link:

    The general rule of thumb is a high quality 750 watt power supply with sufficient current (amps) on the +12 volt rail(s) can power an overclocked system with two video cards operating in dual mode.

    A high quality 750 watt power supply will have a +12 volt rail rated at 60 amps.

    The Corsair 750 watt power supply mentioned by sirheck would be an appropriate choice. Corsair has a reputation for high quality power supplies that consistently earn high marks in technical reviews. They are stable, reliable, and come with a 5 year warranty.

    There is a newer modular version that has earned an 80+ Silver Certification for energy efficiency:

    Seasonic also has a reputation for high quality power supplies and they are often recommended by the veterans at this forum. Seasonics is an actual manufacturer that makes power supplies which are sold under a variety of brand names including the older Corsair power supplies. They also make power supplies under their own brand name. Seasonics released a brand new 750-X Gold modular psu that earned a coveted Gold Certification for energy efficienciency. The platform architecture is a brand new design that is not only energy efficient but also quiet.
  7. I've splurged quite a bit on the rest of my build, looking to tighten up. I've never heard of Sunbeam but this one has the specs you mentioned: What's this brand's rep?
  8. Sunbeam actually started out making cold cathode flourescent light kits and wound up branching out into power supplies, cpu heatsinks, pc cases, and other components. Overall their own house brand power supplies are adequate. They do what they are designed for. They're just not stellar performers.

    BTW - You should not skimp on a power supply, especially if you are going to be doing serious overclocking with a water cooled system.
  9. First I'd ask if you really want to go to water cooling considering that peeps are having great success overclocking CPU's on air as much as 65% over rated speed.

    To my mind, the case / PSU combo that stands out is the Antec 1200 w/ the CP-850 PSU. The case is great at air cooling, has a water cooling platform for reservoir or pump and the PSU is one of only three PSU's that I have seen garner a 10 in performance over at, it's also among the quietest and half the price of other PSU's in it's class. Look at Editor's Choice List and Recommended List here fr comparison purposes:
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