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How to set ram to correct speed

well i just got my new rig set up.

SB i5 2500k
CM 212+
ASrOCK Z68 Extreme3 Gen 3
8gb Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz

When i look in the Bios however, it shows the ram is running at 1333mhz? I opened up cpu-z and it shows JeDec #2,3,4 all with different timings and speeds, and then XMP-1600 at the correct one.

Can i just set the Ram speed from 1333 to 1600 in the Bios? when i clicked the Ram frequency it gave me the option of many different speeds, but i havent worked much with Ram so i thought id ask before messing with it.
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  1. Yes, use the BIOS to set the speed, voltage, and latencies shown on the RAM stickers. Then save and exit the BIOS settings.
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    Hi CrysisComa,

    You can manually set the RAM speed in the BIOS like you asked, but you can also just enable the XMP profile. There should be that option in the RAM options of your BIOS.

    XMP profile comes with the recommended speed for your RAM and the recommended timings.

    Quick and easy!

    Let me know if that works for you.
  3. thanks for the quick replies, Both ways worked!
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