Pentium 4 4 gb Ram or core2 duo 2 gb

Hi i have a pentium 4 2.8 ghz machine with 2 gb ram. i want to play game on it. but during playing it gives 100% usage of memory. Hence i want to upgrade my system but with least expenses hence i want to know is it ok to go with 2 gb extra ram or change my processor to core 2 duo....
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  1. If you want to play any new games get rid of that P4 ASAP. A Core2Duo is not really obsolete yet and with a good overclock you can still play most games really well as long as you have a good graphics card.
    Does your motherboard support the upgrade?
    You want to game you need a graphics card. What are the rest of your specs and what kind of budget do you have?
  2. I have 2.8 Ghz Asus Motherboard P5KLPM . Graphics card Nvidia-9500GT. i just want to play game like Batman Arkham Asylum, Hawx-Tom Clincy's . But during playing pc is going too slow...Hence i just thinking about upgrading my ram to 4 gb instead of 2 gb is it benefit my machine?

    if it will beneficial then it saves my budget a lot.

    otherwise i have to upgrade to core 2 duo...
  3. more ram = waste with that processor .get a new system , first decide your budget and monitor resolution people here will tell u what to get in that ...
  4. Like said above upgrading to 4gb of RAM will have almost no effect on your gaming. You are severely limited by that old P4.

    This like Psycho said would be a huge improvement over what you have. It seems to be a great overclocker as well. That being said it is still a Celeron and is handicapped by a tiny 1mb cache so its not really going to be a great gamer either.

    The 9500GT is also a little on the slow side for most newer games although many will be playable with all the effects off and at low resolutions.

    If I was you I would save money and do a new build.
  5. Contrary to what people are saying, the core 2 duo still has at least 2 more years of life in it even with core i3 coming out. Intel may stop making chips for that exact sku but it doesnt mean that the processor is useless. I am ekeing out the most out of my e7500, and before that I did so with the e4600, if you buy at least the e 7400, or the e7500 now, you will not regret it.

    First thing first, chech out if your motherboard can even use a core 2 duo of this level.

    If so, then you will have no problem. Seeing as your mb can only hold 2GB MAX? Then I doubt you can use your motherboard. If so, you should think hard if you wantto buy a really decent LGA775 or go AMD since they are cheaper and get an AMD processor. If you do have a budget, this or a new LGA775 such as the asus 5pq or an intelX45. FOr AMD asus m4a785td is decent at $100. Then you can get processors at around $80-200 for these boards that will last you for a while.

    If you dont have a budget then just get an X58 all together and you will use that for a long long time. It will still be decent in 5-7years from now. It just costs alot more.
  6. i would strongly recommend waiting 10 days , intel is launching the i3 at CES in january .... they will be awesome nehalem dual cores . do NOT get lga775 core 2 now .

    asus p7p55d-e(usb and sata 3) + core i3 would be good . 4gb ram kits are well below 100$ now , some even lower with rebates .
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