Updating BIOS for Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5

sooooooo. Trying to flash my motherboards BIOS and I'm doing something wrong but I have no idea what.

I've downloaded the BIOS from the Gigabyte website (version F12)

I've formated my USB memory stick, extracted the files and put them on the memory stick

I believe the memory stick is the correct format (FAT32)

I restart my PC, enter Q-Flash and it doesn't detect my memory stick, I have no idea why, So thats why I need help

Please help :(
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  1. I have seen this sometimes(i am not sure why to be honest). Do you have another memory stick or even an old camera card and reader(even most cameras can do that job.)

    It should show up as a hard drive in the Q-flash screen.
  2. Yeah I've updated my BIOS before with a different memory stick, Like yourself I have no idea why 1 memory stick works and another doesn't.

    I have no card reader : /

    Guess I'll have to borrow the memory stick that works

    I wanted to flash my HD5850's BIOS too, but for some reason I can't make the memory stick DOS bootable.

    EDIT: I have USB legacy Enabled, and have tryed multiple USB slots.
  3. Generally, I use a windows 98 CD for DOS stuff then run the files off usb sticks(that part should work since you have legacy usb on). I have even used CD's for the files as well.
  4. Have you tried using gigabyte's bios updating utility "@bios"? Thats what I've used without problems in the past.
  5. prelude2250 said:
    Have you tried using gigabyte's bios updating utility "@bios"? Thats what I've used without problems in the past.

    I read a thread a moderator made on a gigabyte forum that said something like "90% of RMA's are due to flashing with @BIOS" I have no idea what truth that holds, but I don't feel comfortable flashing in windows. (neighbours might see me :lol: )

    Can anyone suggest a memory stick that they know works when flashing ?? I'm thinking about buying a memory stick, but don't want to buy one and find out it also doesn't work with flashing.
  6. bump
  7. Sorry, I do not know whats sticks work. I have one from crucial that does not. But newer ones may.
  8. Well I have had no issues with @bios and have used it at least 10-15 times on several gigabyte models ranging from a g31 to a ex58. Maybe I'm just lucky. Also what about gigabytes dual bios's doesn't that just revert any issues to the main bios?
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