Benefits of overclocking? newbie .... ;c

Benefits of overclocking? newbie here...

Btw does my SYSTEM do auto turbo/overclocking?

I have..

Zalman Z9+ Mid Tower Case
AMD Radeon HD 6970 2GB -Single atm.
Cooler Master 1000W 80+ Gold
Xion-HP Heatsink

I haven't touch the bios i just adjusted the fans from STANDARD to TURBO sooo yeah.. need to ask questions from the PRO's :D
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  1. The benefits of overclocking are the possibilities of gaining higher performance.

    The negative side of overclocking's worse case scenario is the possibility of loosing your investment.

    If you've never overclocked anything before, then your journey starts educating yourself on what you're doing first!

    Being fully aware of the benefits and cost of failure, of knowledge, hardware, life expectancy, etc., before you step into the overclocking ring.
  2. I started reading my bios little by little but its all on AUTO

    Is there such a auto overclock mode?
  3. Does ASUS Turbo Mode

    and overclocking different?

    I really think you need to comprehend what overclocking is, why its done and if you 'need' to start out on this road, or if you just want to say 'Yeah I'm overclocking' at the watercooler monday morning...

    Asus turbo mode is kind of the system automatically overclocking for you, there are many variants on the theme but most companies in the Pc scene have a similar thing,
    it won't get you anywhere near the limits of what your system can do, but will boost performance to a safe 'overclocked' level
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