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hi all im a big fan of the site and have been checkin it out regular for tips and advice lol but now the times come i need some advice i have recently totaly buggered my motherboard up (asus p5q pro turbo= removed processor to find some how id bent the pins and get get it to boot now)

so im looking for a new motherboard ive looked around and seen a few nice boards but cant seem to find a definitive answer to the question wich is best for overclocking i have a e7600 ready to plonk straight in im considering the asus p5q pro deluxe mainly cus it looks pretty !!
and the pro turbo has served me well!! had my e7600 clocked to 4.0ghz unfortunatly cudnt get any higher :( and also i can get the deluxe for bot £130 wich is pushin my budget any answers greatly appreciated thanks for your time :)
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  1. The Asus P5Q Deluxe and the Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P are a good choice. The Asus is a nice desktop motherboard with lots of features while the Gigabyte has a better layout if you need to install several hard disks.
  2. thanks for the reply ive checked out the gigabyte seems like a good mobo :)

    dont suppose you know wich would be better i wouldnt call myself an overclocker but ive dabbled and sorta get the basics lol so im gonna be overclocking my e7600 back up! even tho still not sure what the max overclock is for it but planning on using it for gaming i have a ati 4850 ready for it ive checked out the benchmarks and reviews for the p5q deluxe and seems to be in the lead at the mo but obviously i cud be wrong as i havent had any experiance with this board or many boards infact lol
  3. I have both motherboards. If you want to achieve maximum overclocking, then go with the Gigabyte. I still prefer the P5Q Deluxe as a desktop motherboard because it has a better sound controller and ExpressGate can be handy at times.
  4. thankyou very much gunna order the gigabyte now lol just looking around at prices once again thanks alot :)
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