Intel (R) CPU T2250 processor SATA driver

I need help to a link to download the SATA driver for my HP Pavilion dv8000 CTO Notebook PC which has an Intel (R) CPU T2250 processor. Any ideas, I really do need help.
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  1. have you tried the manufacturers website?
  2. I have tried the intel website, infact the latest on my problem is that I have downgraded to Xp but will like to upgrade again (confused, aint I?) Well kind of miss the media center.

    Earlier, I made a clone of the recovery drive (HP_RECOVERY [E]), which I have stored away, I ought to have made recovery discs but this required 22 cds, so I didn't. Do u have any idear how I can use my cloned drive, bearing in mind that there was a program that used to lunch that recovery from the HP_RECOVERY [E] drive.
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