Pluging switch pins on motherboard


The connector pins on the motherboard were accidentally removed.

Power LED+, -
Power SW
Reset SW

Motherboard is Genx 945gz-g9

Nothing is labeled on the mobo itself except F_PANAL.

tried looking for a manual but Genx website doesnt even mention this mobo, cant start the PC now...

Pins are 2 rows like this:
. . . .
. . . . .

any help appreciated.
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    Based on your post, pin numbers are:

    2 4 6 8
    1 3 5 7 9

    Try the following:

    H.D.D. LED pins 1+ and 3-
    Power LED pins 2+ and 4-
    Reset SW pins 5 and 7
    Power SW pins 6 and 8

    If a LED doesn't work, then simply reverse the connector.
  2. Appreciate it!
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  4. hatemf90 said:
    Appreciate it!

    Everything works? I used the layout of an Intel DG965RY motherboard that I own.
  5. Power and reset buttons work properly also the lights.

    Any thing else to check for?
  6. Nothing else to check.
  7. Hi my son pulled out the power SW lead and havent a clue where it goes on the a7s333 mother board, its a white and orange lead. The only place i can see where it goes has only one pin lol. simualar to you other post but the top one is 0 and the bottom one is 5 any ideas please
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