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I have 3 SATA HD's, one of which is my OS(Vista Ultimate) drive. I have 2 external USB drives also(lots of storage!)My PC BIOS is set to read(I keep setting it to this) from the HD first boot priority. I am reduced to using only the OS SATA drive because the BIOS is confused as to boot up order. I have disconnected the 2 spare SATA drives but on restarts, I have to F11 into the boot menu in order for the machine to boot up at all! The BIOS is set to read from the HD so can you help me and tell me what is wrong and what I need to do, please?
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  1. If it were me I would check the onboard battery to see if it is inserted properly or has enough power,as it sounds like the system is not keeping it's settings,also make sure that your first [boot]hdd is the first sata hdd..:
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