Is DG41RQ a good motherboard?

I recently bought Q8400 core 2 quad processor, DG41RQ motherboard. I have 1 GB NVIDIA GE FORCE 9400GT installed with 3 GB of RAM(DDRII). Problem is my system is not playing videos properly, there are lots of blurring and disturbances. I have not tried games yet. Is there some compatibility issue? Or this motherboard is not too good for playing high quality videos? Copy-pasting too is taking lot of time.. Please help me.
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  1. Basically you have a low-end motherboard but that does not mean you should be experiencing those types of issues.

    Have you updated the bios to the most recent?

    Have you updated the video card drivers lately?

    Was the board purchased seperately or did it come with a DELL, HP etc????
  2. I have not updated bios or video card driver yet.

    I purchased it saperately.
    please guide me further. and thanks for replying
  3. thankyou for providing links:-).

    I will post again after updating bios n drivers
    hope it will solve my problem
  4. Once you are done with the updates I would back up your files and do a fresh Windows install. After that you should be fine.
  5. I have done Express bios update.. is that fine?

    unable to update video card driver.. link dosent work for me..
    waiting for ur reply
  6. and updating bios didnt solved my problem.. system is still taking too much time to copy paste or cut paste.

    this is really very frustating
  7. What are your system temps? Could be CPU overheating, resulting in CPU throttling.
  8. temps are normal. plz help me..

    Also I have 32 bit vista home premium n latest version of graphic driver setup says that my system dos'nt meet minimum system requirements!!!! help me plzz
  9. The link is working fine. If it does not work just go to and look for your drivers. Do you have CPU-Z? If not download it so we can see your settings, just to make sure everything is correct.

    I doubt this is a driver issue but just to be on the safe side it is good to have the correct drivers.
  10. i too bought a DG41irq mobo with palit 9600 tc smart 1gb DDR3 card , what i feel is in the game NFS SHift screen goes blank while race , the card was mind blowing in my old mobo 945gcnl , was this any kind of compatibility issue ! , well in some posts i heared that bios update will fix ,

    any suggestions on this before proceeding to bios update will be appreciable
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