Hi, I was wondering if there was anyone out there who could help me with a problem I have?

We have had our Belkin G router for over a year now and in the past have never had any connection problems with it. After buying my new laptop around three months ago, I connected my laptop to the router easily and it worked absolutely fine with no problems since.

However, a few weeks ago I started to have some problems. My internet has begun disconnecting itself and when I troubleshoot the problem it tells me 'windows did not recieve any response from the wireless connection or access point', and when the internet does connect for short spells it lags extremely slowly.

This morning the internet went back to normal for around half an hour when I moved my laptop closer to the router, but now it has gone back to how it was before even if I sit in the same place.

If you think you know what is going on and can help me, please do, it is driving me insane!

Please bare in mind that I'm no computer whizz and would appreciate it if any answers were in easy to understand language and step-by-step.

Thank you.
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  1. alright... so this might or might not help but i will try...
    you have what sounds like the same modem as me... so this is personal experience
    1. just for kicks and giggles, did you pay your bill?
    2. try to unplug the modem and router let it shut down for a few minutes... i know i know who would ever want to turn off their internet for a few minutes, like death i know... lolz
    3. you may need to upgrade your firmware on your router... the answer to do this is in the address bar where you type www.??.com or something like that, instead type this will bring up a user name and password log in thing for your router... the usual is
    password:left blank
    there are many combinations so its a trial and error method for the first time logging into the router but once your in you can change the name and password so you wont forget it... the moment you open it (like mine) you should come to the page saying you can update your firmware... but if you can't find it their aren't that many links on the left to find it... anyhow once you get that figured out, you can also use it to change the wifi name and password, as well as see who is on your wifi... hope i could be of halp... ^^
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Read the manual of your router, reset it and configure again.
  3. Whenever you have a wireless router that's working well for some time, then suddenly starts dropping connections, the first thing that comes to mind is possible interference. All it takes is a neighbor who gets a new wireless router of their own and happens to use the same frequency and boom, the wireless routers are now stomping on each other. Interference can also come from other 2.4Ghz devices (cordless phones, microwave ovens, radio control equipments, etc.). Sometimes merely changing channels can help (btw, channels 1, 6, and 11 provide maximum separation).

    At least that's where I would start looking. Do a site survey w/ the wireless client and see what other wireless networks are in the neighborhood, esp. if they're using the same channel as you. And realize they may shut down their wireless radio from time to time, so you might not always detect the problem immediately.
  4. A couple of other things to try is a ping test and a tracert test. When our internet is slow I'll run these two commands to find out where the trouble is. Google these two items to get more understanding of them and how to run them from the command prompt. Ping will show you the latency of your connection and packet error loss (PER). From my experience PER will cause the connection to lag more noticeably while general surfing than a slow ping time will. Tracert will allow you you trace the connection and will tell you where the delay is (between which IP addresses). For instance, is the delay between your computer and your router or is it between your router and the rest of the world. In either case a firmware upgrade and/or a restart of everything may help. If the latter is the case and the restart and firmware doesn't fix it contact your ISP.
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