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I decided I was going to try my own build so i just recently starting purchasing my components. So far i have the antec900, CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX 750W psu, crucial ballistix 6gigs ram, i7920 ..... Now i was just messing around to see how I was going to do the cable management and realized i didnt know where to connect the fans to. I looked at the psu cables and couldnt find any that would fit the fans connectors. I was hoping I couldnt get some help on here. Ill link my psu and the motherboard im planning to get to see if someone can tell me if i can just connect the fans to the mobo


EVGA 141-BL-E757-TR LGA 1366:

Any help is appreciated :)
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  1. OOOOOOOOHHHH! AAAAAAAAAAAHHH! That's one of those sexy black motherboards I saw at Fry's Electronics!

    Your motherboard comes with fan connections.

    The fan attached to your cpu heatsink must be plugged into the motherboard connection labelled JCPU_FAN located near the cpu socket at the top edge of the motherboard. That is a mandatory connection.

    The motherboard has additional fan connections at various locations. For example, there is a fan connection labelled JPWR_Fan located between the USB ports on the rear edge of the motherboard. You can use that one for the exhaust fan on the rear panel of your case. Refer to your motherbpard manual for the location and name of additional fan connections.

    In the event your case has a lot of fans you can purchase a simple adapter to connect fans directly to the power supply. Here is a link showing some of the many types of fan power cable adapters that are available for a variety of needs:
  2. Enthusiast Motherboards gennerally provide multiple fan headers. Download the MoBo manual to see how many. The Asus R2E used in the last build I did for example has 8....1 CPU / 1 PoWeR / 3 CHAssis / 3 OPTional. Unfortunately many case manufacturer's (i.e Antec) do not provide connectors for 3 pin fans leaving you to either use Molex (blah) or buy 3 pin cable adapters, leaving you 2 choices:

    1. If you are going to sleeve your cables ya just cut off the Molex and make your own using:

    Of course check your MoBo Headers allowable amperage and compare to make sure fan draw is below that value.

    2. Buy a converter

    I went w/ No. 1 .... and if you do, make sure you have a decent soldering tool and one of these
  3. yeah the fans for the 900 are all molex connectors
  4. There's a very good chance that you will need an EPS extension cable unless you are willing to run the EPS cable from the PSU over the video card.

    I like the Antec 900 cases. Great cooling, but the cable management basically sucks without a little help - such as cutting three more holes in the motherboard tray.
    But I shouldn't need to.

    The Antec fans have a double molex connector - one side male and one side female. I plugged them together in pairs, then ran one of the PSU cables behind the motherboard tray to power them. I'm running the fans on LOW. Running faster does not improve cooling in my case.

    I had three cables left over - qne molex and 2 PCI-e power cables. I drilled some holes in the bottom of the case under the lower drive bay and tied the down out of the way.
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