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I need some help overclocking my AMD Phenom II x6 1055t. I have an Asus m5a78l-m lx. I would like to overclock to about 3.6-3.8 ghz but I am a bit confused. On all of the overclocking guide that I have seen on the internet People have been able to change the frequency and the multiplier seperately. I can only seem to adjust the ratio to x4 800 MHz up to x14 2800MHz.
I guess overclocking is not as simple as I expected. What exactly do I need to do to get the speeds I want.
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  1. Black edition guide at the top of the section man,
    you should be able to adjust your baseclock/Cpu freq from the 200 standard setting in bios somewhere,
    and the multiplier as well,
    but get into your bios screen, and look around, click tabs, see options that maybe ordinarily 'locked'
    you can't screw it up unless you save and exit, if you forget what you've adjusted, just discard and exit instead, no harm done and back to square one

    but read the guide to get the idea of what to alter, why and how,
    I really can't emphasize that enough, theres no 'fast' way to learn clocking, it takes time and patience
    (sometimes lost hardware too :P)
    If your boards multi only goes to x14 though, you need a Cpu speed of 270ish to get 3.8GHz, which is a serious heft, what cooling are you on?
    but you are right, overclocking isn't a simple thing :P
  2. I have a Hyper 212 EVO which keeps my temps nice and low. Ran prime for 15 mins (I know its not a long time) and my temps were only 35C.I'll take a look at that guide.
  3. Cool, at least you already have a decent cooler, which is why I asked :P
  4. I managed to work out the multiplier thing is was me being an idiot :D. I have set my multiplier to 14 and my CPU reference clock to 260 MHz. This should give me 3640 MHz.
    How do I work out my rams speed because I understand I can't run it over the stock 1333MHz. I can change my memory clock to either 400,533,667, or 800. What sould I use to keep under 1333MHz?
  5. Set it to what it says on the sticks, 1.5v, 9,9,9,24,41 2t or whatever the timings etc are, and remember ddr is double data rate so for 133MHz ram, you manunally set it to 667 or thereabouts the system doubles that to give you 1333MHz
    and mind those temps, 60 at load is kind of the edge of the chips limit
  6. Ok 667 * 2 is 1334. Does it matter that it is 1MHz over the stock clock or do I need to run it at 1066 Mhz?
  7. thats a tiny difference so you should be fine at that :)
  8. Over clocking failed, please enter setup to reconfigure your settings.
    Whut?? Did I go to high on the clock. I heard most 1055t's can reach 4GHz
  9. Lowered the OC to 3.3 and the ram to 1066 and I booted fine. Time for some troubleshooting.
  10. Your chip may not reach 4GHz, but its a learning process, you get stable at say 3.4 then try squeezing a little more out,
    the restriction you face here is the low multi on that mobo though,
    low clockspeed and higher multi is a more stable method of reaching a high clock
  11. Ok I thought it booted fine but when I opened core temp It said all of my cores where running at 999.99 MHZ (250*4) What is wrong?
  12. Coretemps obviously having a bad day, use Cpu-z and Hwmonitor, I find them reliable enough,
    possibly you have cool and quiet still enabled in bios too, that throttles the Cpu down when its not needed

    Have to go to work now but I'll check in in the morning, have fun and don't blow anything up :P
  13. Cool 'n' Quiet was enabled *derp*. I am running 3.5GHz at 26C idol. Maybe I'll try and squeeze a few more MHz in tomorrow.
    Thanks so much for your help.
  14. I seem to have a barrier that I cannot pass at 3.5 Ghz. If I set it above that and hit f10 my monitors lose signal but my pc keeps running. I have to turn off at the power switch, and I when I reboot it makes me reconfigure my settings. Any ideas on how to get past this?
  15. What settings are you trying that don't work. FSB, NB, etc..
  16. Sorry for the long wait... been at school.
    RAM 533 MHz
    I don't know where to find FSB on my bios.
  17. Fsb is another term for your Cpu's reference clockspeed, which you said was.... 260
    Look up your ram and set the Voltage and timings manually,
  18. When trying to achieve the maximum stable overclock on my CPU should I increase the FSB by say 10 at a time?
  19. 5 increments would be better if you can, but its whatever the minimum increment on your mobo is,
    another general tip is say you want 3.8, set it to that, it will crash so you back it down a touch, try booting agin, and so on, until you find the stable max
    Temps and volts obviously to be monitored
  20. How do I know what voltage to set? There isn't any info on my ram on the internet.
  21. OK I found out my ram is 9-9-9-24 whatever that means but I still don't know what voltage it needs?
  22. Should be written on a label on the stick, usually looks like,
    Pc3 12800 1.5v 9,9,9,24,41 2t
    first bit tells you its ddr3 then the data speed limit, recommended voltage and finally the important settings that you will enter into bios,
    if you look on Cpu-z's memory tab, it tells you which number is which setting is well worth a read though to help understand timings

    **Edit, do you know what brand the ram is?
  23. This is the ram
    Checking the label could prove tricky as I have a heat spreader on it so its probably got quite a lot of thermal paste on it.
  24. What do I need to do with my CPU/NB Frequency?
    or 2000MHz?
  25. CPU voltage can vary from system to system, but for reference I have my 1055T @ 3.5GHz @ 1.3V
  26. I have been running prime95 for a few minutes and I noticed in HWMontior TMPIN0 is at 52C and TMPIN1 is at 32C.
    Do I need to worry about these, if so at what temperature?
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