Tyan Tomcat 1000h (S3970) wont boot , no vga


I recently purchased this s3970 mobo and just today started the assembly.
Everything seems to check out, but I get no VGA from the internal gfx adapter.

I hit the power button, there are no beeps, all seems to be powering up nicely, fans roll, hdd spins all that, but I get no image.

There is a jumper for enable/disable onboard VGA, and that is enabled.
I have resetted the bios, checked the battery and all that

Got two Opteron cpus on it, and (for now) 4 GB of memory that should be ok (two sticks) while I get it up and running.

All components I use come from another server and works.

I have one theory: fan speed.
The fans I use are high-end low noise Assus fans for workstations, hence they do not spin as fast as a regular server fan (4-5000 rpm or above). If the bios detects that and stops posting, how do I get around it? All fan connectors are 4 pin, hence with speed regulation and detection.
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  1. Do you have your DIMMs in slots seven and eight, per page 28?
  2. That would be the slots farthest to the right on that image?

    Cause, no I currently have them on the slots closest to the cpu...(DIMM1 and DIMM2).

    Will test later... :pt1cable:
  3. Nope. No result.

    I switched the RAM as adviced, reviewed the manual again, and nothing. The board give signal to the keyboard, the cpu fans and other connectors (reset and fans and those) seem to work, but nothing happens. It may very well be booting, but I can see nothing of it.

    Since the cpu fan coolers partly covers the pci-x slot I will remove one cpu and insert an external gfx card and test again.

    Normally, afaik, a bios reset would enable the onboard vga (if disabled in bios), so far no success with that.

    Will get back with more.

    Are there no Tyan Fan club or unofficial support site somewhere?
  4. sigh...it seems I do not have any gfx card that fit that green socket.
    Anyhow, tried with only one cpu, still no results.

    I am very close to give this up and remount the s2912.
  5. I have verified compatitbility via bios upgrade and ordered a replacement bios chip via www.biosman.com
  6. Are there no Tyan Fan club or unofficial support site somewhere?

    I think they have a usenet topic - but my ISP discontinued their server access, so I'm poking about... I'm gonna try 'picking up the slack' here (see GB support at http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/forum-30-194.html for examples...), as I'm planning on a 7025 build, & have to learn what's available to be learned, anyway!
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