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Has anybody experience having this issue? If and only you have installed the cpu (i7) without realizing that you have one on the motherboard. What would be the effect on the system? How long will you notice this?
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  1. I had few pins bent on my UD5. I was able to spot it straight after i bent them, cause one of those pins was controlling mem controller, so basically i wasn't able to use triple channel i was supposed to use dual, but i RMA'd it to my supplier, and they changed it. sometimes those bent pins might no do any affect.
  2. If the pin is bent, it may not make contact when you mate it with it's connector. In the worst case, forcing a connector onto a bent pin could break it or cause it to short against another pin, which could be bad news.

    If you notice a bent pin, try using a tiny screwdriver to straighten it.

    There's often a lot of redundancy in the pins - for example on a CPU there are dozens or even hundreds of pins used for power and ground. You can go so far as to break off those kinds of pins with pretty much no effect. But of course Murphy's law says that the one pin you break is bound to be an important one that your system can't function without.
  3. Okay, The reason why I asked because I did my first built. I was so worried that I may have bent some pins on the socket when I installed the i7 cpu. I have been running the PC for 24hours for 2 days now and never had any issues so far (touch wood!!!). I'm just wondering if there are other symptoms that I need to monitor. I'm failry confident installing the other parts i.e. GPU, memory. Had a bit of trouble with the case connector but seemed to be working. as for the cpu temps core 1 is 36 and the other are less.
  4. How the hell did you install the CPU to think you'd bent a pin?
  5. The "LGA" sockets are "land grid arrays" which don't use actual pins like many of the older sockets do. It's a lot harder to damage the contacts with this type of socket.
  6. LePhuronn said:
    How the hell did you install the CPU to think you'd bent a pin?

    I was going to ask this same question. If you watch the install videos on the Intel site they mention the force you might feel when lowering the arm-bar in to place. Its normal. Your compressing the spring loaded pins against the cpu .
  7. LePhuronn said:
    How the hell did you install the CPU to think you'd bent a pin?

    What Happened was when I installed it I heard a scratching sound coming when I was actually just putting the CPU on the socket . Just worried that I may have bent some pins. Because I don't want to do it so I just ignored it. This is the 3rd day of 24 hour testing. Do you think this is okay?
  8. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
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