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I'm new to the forums so i'd like to say HI ALL first off. :hello:

I have Q9450 and need to get a board and ram for it. Ideally i'd like crossfire so i can get a couple of 4850's or something similar to put on it, and i'm thinking about getting ddr3 ram.
My questions are is there an lga775 board to do this, and is it worth getting ddr3 yet or should i stick with ddr2?
Money is a bit tight so if the ddr3 is going to offer a minimal performance increase then i can live without it.
Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for an input.
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  1. If you want a Motherboard with DDR3 + 2*16X (HD 4850 CF), You should take X48 chipset so a asus P5E3 pro will be great to you and she isn't expansive (129$)

    Motherboard link

    I advice you the DDR3 because the DDR2 Prices Climb Above DDR3
  2. Cheers for that clement. I'll check out the board.
    As far as the ram goes are any makes head and shoulders above the rest right now, or is it all much of a muchness?
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