Please Help ASAP-Installed new MB fine/ Now won't power up at all

I installed a motherboard yesterday-LGA 1156-i5-750. I bought a better case fan and installed that today. I tried to turn it on-light turns on for a second then shuts back off. It keeps rebooting itself-it turns on less than a second and does that over and over again. I reintalled te old case fan and no cigars.
What is wrong?What would case that? Any ideas?
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  1. Sounds like you need to do a bare post to rule out a grounding issue with the case. You may have something touching the board under or around the case area. I use a phonebook, and take out the power supply if needed for the cables to reach. You don't need to use the optical or hardrives to post.
  2. Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:

    Having said that, breadboardind is a good idea. It will eliminate case problems:
  3. Still clueless why it all of a sudden stopped working. It was up and running fine..then i go to change the case fan to get better cooling..install it..and it didn't work-changed the case fan to the old one..did not work..

    I installed my old AM2 board tonight and the system is up and running it can't be any of my components..PSU, Hard Drive..ETC..maybe bad motherboard?
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