[Nvidia] Pc Wont Boot When 9800 is on!

Some days ago my Pc rebooted because it overheated a bit,and when I turned it back on it just Wouldnt turn on,Fans would spin for half a sec and nothing,and would only power on again when Id cut and open power with the switch behind the PSU. I thought it was a PSU problem and I bought a 550w one,same problem...then I took off the 9800 Videocard and everything would work perfectly. it inst a PSU problem cuz the Old one was 450w and worked just fine,my pc just wont turn on when the videocard is plugged in,no beeps or anything,the fans spin for half a sec and then the power is cut
What I Can do? I Reseted the Cmos,turned back on without the card,put on default settings,then put the card back again and nothing :(

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  1. RMA the video card if it is under warrenty. Call their support and they will run you through a few troubleshooting steps. Bear with them even if they are basic and stupid. they will send you a box to send your video card back.(I think they still do this)
  2. I Dont think they will,Im in brazil i dont even know if they have warranty outside the store i bought ,is the videocard dead? any chances to make it work by changing bios settings ? :(
    also,there wasnt any frying smell or something
  3. I Need answers as fast as possible,please...
  4. Try reseating the video card, sometimes that helps. That mobo has onboard video, meh.... that probably doesnt like the video card too much. You gotta disable the onboard video in the bios to get it working.
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