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I am looking to build a PC in the $2000-$2500 range for high end video processing. I work with Adobe After Effects CS4 alot. What should I use? I was wanting to go intel.
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  1. I just built this computer for the same application - and Avid media Composer:

    Intel i7 920
    V1AX Thermaltake cooler
    Asus PT6
    12GB Corsair 1600
    PNY Nvidia Quadro FX 3800
    Coolermaster HAF 932
    1TB Seagate Barracuda (Boot Drive)
    2x1.5TB Seagate Barracuda Raid0 (Video Drive)
    1.5TB Seagate (Backup)
    Pyro PVC-316 Firewire
    Pioneer Blu-Ray BDR2203 disk burner
    PC Power and Cooling 860 Watt Turbo Cool
    Dual Samsung Sync Master 2343 Monitors
    Vista Business 64 bit
    Avid Media Composer 4.0.2
    AfterEffects CS4
    Photoshop CS4
    Poser 7

    I'm very happy with performance and speed.
  2. how much did you pay for this setup?
  3. bodd said:
    how much did you pay for this setup?

    The computer, including the monitors and extended warrenties on parts came in at right around three grand - the Quadro FX3800 ain't cheap ($800.00). I upgraded my Avid Xpress Pro to Media Composer 4.0.2 for $500 as part of Avid's current deal. The Adobe Production package, which includes Photoshop, AfterEffects, Premier, Flash and a bunch of other programs is in the $1400 range depending on where you can find a deal. I do this for a living, so it's all a tax write-off. I had to get into High Def in my home studio due to client demand.

    It's funny, the last computer I built (five years ago) was state of the art at the time. I still use it for standard-def editing. It cost over $4800 in 2004 dollars. I figure the new computer was a steal.
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