Need help choosing PSU

Processor - Athlon 2 X4 620

MB - Asus M4A79XTD EVO

Graphics card - Radeon HD 4770

I want to crossfire two 4770s and need a sub $ 50 PSU. This is the PSU I'm considering -

It says it is Crossfire Ready. But I'd like to make sure that it indeed supports 2 4770s. I should be using 2 hard drives at most and I also plan to overclock the 4770s.
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  1. Yes, that PSU will work fine without any problems. It should have all the cables you need and provide enough power.

    I want you to consider getting a more expensive, better PSU though; especially if you plan to overclock. That PSU ISN'T 80+ certified, has NO PFC, and won't give you much extra room since it's only 550W.

    I urge you to consider the Corsair 650TX:

    If you cannot budget for this PSU, at least try to find something with the following:
    Active PFC
    80+ Certified
    500W (minimum)
    Two (minimum) 6-pin (or 6+2-pin) PCI-e power cables
  2. Rosewill is known for some bad PSUs.

    Corsair, OCZ, Antec earthwatts, Seasonic would all be better manufacturers to look at.

    Is there a reason you want twin 4770s (which would cost over $200) instead of a single 4870 or even 4890 for that price?

    OCZ 550W Fatality PSU (handles one 4870 or 4890 GPU or two 4770s) for $40 after $25 MIR.

    If you need isnt urgent, the new radeon 5770 should be coming within a month or so and would give you DX11 capability.
  3. Well, 2 4770s are better than 4890.
  4. If you are going to spend that much to upgrade your graphics situation, you need to spend more time making money to upgrade the PSU properly. Don't skimp on the PSU. Stick with the brands DNDHATCHER mentioned and pay a bit more for good quality. It isn't worth upgrading the GPU while skimping the PSU because you increase the risk of killing your entire system. If anything, put priority on a stronger PSU than strong graphics.

    Just my opinion.
  5. Okay, I know it'd probably be a better idea to have a single 4870 or 4890 instead of two 4770s (the 4770s don't perform well for high resolutions because of their limited memory).

    But I'm buying this for somebody that's outside the US. He'll be paying for all this and every dollar counts. He plans to use the system for at least 3 years from now and wants the system to be easily upgradable. He wants to buy only a single card now, but if required, also wants to add another 4770.
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