Memory taken up by buffering videos?

I wanted to know if it's true that memory storage is taken up by just buffering videos. I don't mean downloading or anything... just buffering to watch, for example a video on Youtube...
Because I've noticed that I have less and less memory every day, especially if I buffer and watch a movie!
If it's true, how do I stop/solve this?? I running out of memory quick and I want to fix it.
Do I have to get rid of files and everything??
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  1. Buffering should be just a symptom of download speed. Its hard to answer your question without knowing more about your system. Its possible that you may be experiencing memory leak-every time you start a program it takes some of its stuff and puts it into ram. Sometimes when you close the program, some of that stuff stays in memory. This was a huge problem with XP, but newer versions of windows are supposed to eliminate some of this.

    More likely though is that you have too many background programs running. Especially if you have downloaded certain programs, they love to take up space on your hard drive and insist on running on boot up. I clean my boot up regulalry, I use msconfig but even more effective is using the services to eliminate non-essential programs.

    Here's a comprehensive list of services that can be disabled in windows 7, and what they do. There are other links we can provide for other operating systems.
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