Time to upgrade my OCed 4300, but which way?

Hey guys, first post here after being a reader for a long time so I look forward to any information or tips that I can get.

Right now, I'm sitting on top of a rig I built nearly three years ago for gaming and, while it serves its purpose well (Plays games such as MW2 with little to no stuttering), I feel it's time to start another project to build a new system in the moderate spectrum of price.

The only thing which worries me is I don't have any first hand experience on the systems which came out since then so I can't really gauge the differences of performance.

What I have now:
E4300 @ 3.1Ghz
4GB G. Skill 5-5-5-15 PC6400
Asus P5N32-E SLI Plus
2x8800GT 512MB
22" Samsung 1680x1050
320GB Hitachi
Noctua NH-12P (push-pull)

Here's where it really gets dicey for me and what direction I plan to take. I have two builds in mind, which have a fairly substantial different in both socket and cash but unsure about overall performance gains. I plan to overclock.

Upgrade option 1:
i5 750
ASUS P7P55D Pro or Gigabyte P55A-UD4P
4GB G.SKILL F3-10666 Ripjaws 7-7-7-21

Upgrade option 2:
Phenom II X2 550BE and (hopefully) unlock the two additional cores
Gigabyte MA790X-UD4P AM3

I have almost no doubt in my mind that the i5 is probably the better choice of the two in terms of performance and overclockability, but the price between these two options is quite substantial; I can get these two AMD pieces for nearly the price of the processor at ncix/newegg.ca. Not to mention, I can simply recycle the DDR2 in my current build and sell one of the 8800s to put into a new graphics card.

So, in all of this jumbled up mess of information, based on my current build and the two I have presented you with as my viable options, will I see a substantial or noticeable difference in performance? Is the cash I save between the PII and the i5 worth it, even if I unlock the two cores in the 550?

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  1. I would save and go with the 955 or 965 black. Frys has a 965 combo for $199 today only in some stores; comes with a gigabyte 790 motherboard.
  2. First choice is way better
    Go for it
    Good luck with your new PC
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