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I think this old machine is a 370 thing is when it was given to me, the guy said that windows XP had gone bye bye so I cloned My windowsXP from My primary PC. after having installed an Linksys NC100 into it...I can get it to boot up, but I cannot however get it to connect to the internet. renewing the IP does not work.
I know the best answer is to get another PC but this one is going to be used to run very few basinc programs in the home LAN that I want to build. Also, if anyone knows where to get a Motherboard wiring diagram for an Lomita Motherboard (mat No 128401 Lomita 010116) it would be appreciated. this IS a very old Emachine. but it was free. Id rather it not go to waste.
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  1. Looks like a good candidate for the trash heap or if you are feeling adventurous, try install Tiny Linux or DS Linux.
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