Removing a drive from RAID1

I have two 2TB drives in RAID1 for mass storage only (no OS files at all) and the resulting single drive is formatted as ntfs. The drives are given below and I'm using a hardware RAID on the motherboard given below:

Seagate Barracuda Green 2TB

If I disconnect one of the drives and put it in another computer (or use an external enclosure or use an eSATA cable) in a single drive setup, will I be able to read the drive? And if I can read it but I don't write to it, will I have to rebuild the RAID when I put the drive back in the original computer?

Thanks in advance.
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    Yes normally you will be able to read a single drive from RAID one, in order for you to use the driv ein the array again without rebuilding, nothing can be written to either side of the mirror, so in theory, if you shut off the original machine, removed it, kepy it read only, and the replaced it before you turn on the first machine on again, it MAY work, but I would plan on having to rebuild.
  2. I figured I'd have to rebuild. Even in read-only mode I think when you open a file it changes the time/date stamp.

    That's good news, though, if the drive will work. Thanks.
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