UK LAN CENTRE PC BUILDS - New centre needing input.

w them down too, it would be nice to get some feedback.
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  1. Are you from the UK? Am I right in assuming your budget is £400 ($650 converted to pounds) ?

    Is the OS included in the budget?
  2. Hi there, yes my budget is £400 per PC. I'm willing to spend a little more if it is justified. The O.S is windows Vista, the O.S is already accounted for I forgot to mention that. Thank you for a reply =]
  3. Here ya go:

    AMD Phenom II X2 550 AM3 - £74.70

    OCZ DDR2 800mhz CL4 4GB Kit - £46.51

    XFX ATI Radeon HD 4850 625Mhz 512MB - £79.99

    Coolermaster Elite 330 Black Case With CM eXtreme Power 460W PSU - £49.98

    MSI 770T-C45 AMD 770 Socket AM2+ - £46.19

    Samsung SpinPoint F3 500GB - £36.49 (Not sure how much storage you need?)

    Total = £333.86 (both dabs and ebuyer do free delivery)

    You could get away with an ATI 4670 at that resolution, but a 4850 wouldn't hurt.
  4. That's a tidy machine for the price, thanks for that, I'll look at the parts suitability straight away.

    The samsung f3 will do the trick, as I will be needing plenty of space for games to be installed. Thanks again!
  5. Still open to other ideas and suggestions though if people have them =]
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