Advice on GPU and CPU cooler?

Hi all,
A while back I started putting together an X58 system on an EVGA mATX motherboard. The last three parts I need to purchase are the processor, CPU cooler, and GPU. I have $500 tops (before any mail in rebates) to spend.
The market has changed a bit since I planned this build, so what would you recommend now to go with my CPU?
I'll be buying from Newegg and my GPU preference is ATI. (the evga mobo can do crossfire in addition to SLI, even though they do not advertise it to sell more evga nvidia-based GPUs)
I've been looking at 4870s (I'll be gaming at 1680x1050 with this machine) but I'm unsure which cooler design is best.
What are your thoughts?

Thanks! :D
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  1. Which country do you live in? That will allow us to use the right sites and stuff for you.

    I would definitely suggest the XFX HD 5850 for the GPU and possibly the Zalman CNPS10X Extreme for the CPU cooler (but I'm not an expert on CPU coolers). This will bring you just over $300, and then you could use the leftovers to save up for another 5850 in the near future.
  2. Sorry, to clarify: I don't have the i7 920 yet, so the 5850 is just out of reach, even if I use the stock HSF until I can save enough for a better one.
    I'm in the US, hence Newegg unless another retailer offers a better price.
  3. If you have a microcenter nearby it might be worth taking a look there. You might be able to get these parts for just under $500 (not including the HSF). If not then maybe look into an HD 4890. To the best of my knowledge the stock i7 HSF isn't too bad and should last you until you've saved up enough to get an aftermarket one.
  4. Best cooler for the price on the LGA 1366 socket... Cogage TRUE Spirit CPU Cooler (Socket LGA 1366). It competes with the big dog's for 1/2 the price... It is very similar to the Thermalright "TRUE" in performance, which is ranked as one of the best by most sites!

    Edit: I like the Xigmatek HDT-S1283V Dark Knight HDT Universal CPU Cooler, myself. :D
  5. I'm starting to think that it might be best right now to use the stock cooler for a month or so--the i7 is going to be such a step up for me that an immediate OC is pointless.
    With the extra cash from skipping the aftermarket cooler, I can afford a 4890. My question, then, is which card to buy. I like the looks of this Asus card - - and many of the newegg reviews say it has a good overclocking margin. It also fits the color scheme of my build. (and $15 off!)
    Do you like the looks of this or is there a better 4890? I know XFX offers a good warranty, but the reference cooler on that card is very loud.
    I'm using a CM Storm Scout case with good airflow, btw.
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