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Hello, so today i was updating the bios of my windows 8 Dell inspiron n5110 it has 6gb ram and a core i7 cpu etc. so when i updated the bios the computer froze (problem with windows 8 that need to update my drivers) and it wouldn't turn off off or anything even if i pressed the power button for 1 minute so i removed the battery and setted it back in and turnd on the pc and it was just a black screen nothing else it seemed the screen isn't even working anymore and the cpu fan was spinning but it wasn't on i could know that because just as i hit the power button it turns off immediately so i need help please answer me it's very important :sweat: and i have formated with the windows 8 cd more pc's and all of them works just fine
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    Basically, you've bricked the BIOS. THe chip is corrupted and theres no way to boot off of it.

    Check your PC/Mobo manual to see if there is a recovery option, such as a USB flashback stick (you put the BIOS file on a USB stick, press a flashbak button on your mobo and it resets it) or a backup BIOS chip.

    If not, you need to send it off back to dell if it's not so old that they wont repair it, but you will have to pay for it as upgrading parts normally voids warranties, or get a new motherboard.

    I'm afraid I don't know of any less drastic options, sorry :/
  2. Why did you update the bios in the first place, I mean if it was working fine why was the need to do it. Anyway as said you have bricked the bios rendering it completely useless.
    So unless you have a flashback option like said, that I highly doubt, send it back to the company for repair if still under warranty.
  3. So there is no way i could fix it myself because it's not that easy to get to the company, i had to upgrade the bios because ever since i installed windows 8 the computer froze every time i plugged in the charger :( and doesn't it help to plug out the battrey of the cmos and then put it back in wouldn't it reset the bios?
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