Memory packages lie?

So i bought my i7 930 rig and built it SCREAMSSS....

6GB of 1600mhz ram.
5850 radeon.
Asus p6t

But heres my problem:

The ram isnt showing up as running at 1600mhz.....did i check the speed in the wrong place?

What is the most reliable place to check what speed my ram is ACTUALLY running at?

Also....after running prime 95 for 35 cpu temp was this dangerous? i think i may have a defective cpu fan.

If i need to set my ram speed, how do i do that?

Also, it says 1.65 voltage on the box that the ram came in, but my computer says its running at 1.5.....can i change the ram speed to its rightful place by changing the voltage to 1.65?
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  1. 1600 ram is slower ram that can be overclocked to run at 1600 at a voltage of 1.65, the maximum you can do without permanently damaging your cpu.

    The best way to see what your ram is doing is to run cpu-z.

    91c is very hot, check that your cpu cooler is mounted well.
    You could power down the PC and disconnect the power cord. Then push the cooler around gently to see if it wiggles. If it is not on solidly, then you need to remount it.

    Look at the back of the motherboard to insure that all 4 pushpins are securely through and locked.

    If you overclock by raising the BCLK, the ram speed will increase some . Don't sweat the ram speed or latency. The memory controller on the i7 cpu's is very good at feeding the cpu from ram. There is, at most, a 1-3% improvement in real application speed or FPS(vs. synthetic benchmarks) with faster ram or lower latencies. Not much worth it to me. I think it is much better to have the ram run at 1.5v which is the recommended value.
  2. Just because you buy RAM rated to run at 1600mhz does not mean your system runs it at that speed by default. 1600mhz memory simply means that the memory is tested and guaranteed to work at that speed. This has nothing to do with the speed that your system runs the memory at by default.
    You can change the voltage, the timings, and the divider to get the desired speed you want in the BIOS.
    Download a little program called CPUz, or CPUID to find out all the details of your systems bus, memory, cpu speeds.
    91 degrees Celsius that is too hot. Are you sure the heatsink is mounted correctly.
    Last but not least, if the system SCREAMSSS, other than the CPU overheating problem, I would just leave it alone!
    There is a problem though with your heatsink.
  3. You need to manually set the RAM to 1600. +1 for above 2 posts.
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    There is a setting in the BIOS that will allow you to set the clock for your RAM in relation to the FSB. It is called the FSB/DRAM Ratio. It usually defaults at 1:3.33 so you will get 1333Mhz. Set it to 1:4 and you will get the 1600Mhz that you want.
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