Decreasing boot time of ASUS P6T MB


I build a new system based on the core i7 920 bloomfield processor, 6 gb triple corsair RAM, 30 Gb SSD OCZ Vertex Turbo and a Hitachi 1TB SATA disk.
The motherboard is an ASUS P6T.

Everything works perfectly but i'm getting really annoyed by the fact that the ASUS P6T boot start up screens take a lot of time from the boot time in total. Basically it takes my new system longer then my old system to start up. :cry:

I changed the bios setting to quick boot and disabled some other time consuming checks as well.

Currently the start up wait a 3 intervals:
1: check all disks
2: hey it finds the dvd player and stops for 10 seconds
3: screen blanks and again 10 seconds of wait time
after that it blasts to operational mode in about 5 seconds..... :D

Can anyone tell how to motivate the MB to increase speed on those 3 bullets? :-)

Thanks for the support

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  1. I you have sata optical drive, you can disable the jmicron pata controller to skip a step.
  2. Hi, thanks for that. However i had an IDE optical drive, but i changed that today for a SATA :-D. With the new drive and disabled JMICRON controller it is getting better.

    If anyone knows more tips and trucs, they are welcome!

  3. Main > Storage Configuration > IDE Detect Time Out (Sec) 0
  4. CompuTronix said:
    Main > Storage Configuration > IDE Detect Time Out (Sec) 0

    Done and Thanks
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