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9800 GT crashing

I purchased my evga 9800GT Oct 08 and until yesterday it had been running without issues. While playing Arkham Asylum on Windows 7 Ultimate 64, the screen suddenly went black and the signal to my monitor cut out and it seems the system hard locked as well, and it's happened several times since then with my gpu under load during AA and furmark stress tests(also happened once at the windows welcome screen). I tried doing clean driver installs of old and new drivers and also booting from windows xp, but the crash keeps occurring. One strange thing is gpu-z, hw-monitor and furmark all start reporting wacky gpu temps that jump around randomly from -68C to 120C to a number so large it wont properly display then back to around 60. Before the error I'm getting idle temps of of about 59C idle and 70-75C under load. I should note I just upgraded to the latest nvidia drivers for windows 7 64 last week. One thing I have noticed is hwmonitor reports my 12v is running at 12.10, but this has been the case for a long time now.

So I'm assuming this is an issue with the gpu, but could it possibly be the psu? I tried my old budget ati card and it seemed to be working fine during tests.

My specs are

gigabyte p35 ds3r mobo
core 2 duo e6750
4 gb crucial ballistix ddr2
500 gb samsung spinpoint
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    Now that is new. You might as well get an RMA if possible because that one looks as though it is going to go out soon completely. I got two 9800gt 1gb in sli and the older 65nm cards do have hot spots even when the core and mem are cool. I was a few months ago caught off guard with my 55nm with the coils on the power stage got hot and would heat up faster than a sidewalk on a hot summer day.
  2. As for your psu its a pos and got one my self that I bought to replace apower480 that was even worse.
  3. Yeah, I've known the psu is low end and that it might not last long, and that I should tread carefully with what im running, but i guess I got lucky with my unit as it's been on my system over 2 years.

    So it's probably just a defect from general wear and tear with the card? It's covered under evga's warranty so I should be good to RMA if necessary
  4. RMA to save you from getting the headache and a cheap Enermax or antec psu 400~500w range would get rid of a potential problem before it jumps up and bights.
    Good luck. :)
  5. hey dude

    i bought a forsa 9800gt 1gb have a simmilar problem ,started today,if im playing ac2 or gtaiv after about 2 min game freezes and i see blue dotted screen please help

    i have a core 2 quad 2.66
    psu 550w
    4gb ram

    drivers were working perfect any ideas?
  6. I have got a

    pentium D (dual core) 945 3.4 ghz [...] 945R).html

    9800GT 512mb PNY

    2 GB of ram (curcial technology PC2-6400 & Kingston PC2-5300) but both run at 333mhz even tho the 1st one is 400mhz

    MS-7248 Motherboard

    I have a multi-boot Operating System. On XP proffesional it works really well no problems no crashing so hardware must all be ok.

    but unfortunately on windows 7 ultimate after it installs drivers for this processor and my graphics card (9800GT PNY) on restart explorer keeps crashing over and over i get about 8 seconds to type in msconfig or get into other settings before it crashes again.

    It is even crashing in safemode.

    Was all on a fresh install of windows 7 ultimate and works fine until it automatically installs drivers and restarts and thats where all the fun starts :fou:
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