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My Iomega 250 GB has been making noises for sometime now, The fan no longer runs and when turned on eventually flashes blue then red so therefore it is not on my network. Can it be repaired as I need what's on the drive?
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  1. What sort of IOMEGA is it? An old cartridge drive? An external hard drive? The answer will depend on what's inside it. Can you provide a link to a product page, or at least the model name?

    Well, the answer is almost certainly "No." The real question is how to get the data back.
  2. The Iomega is a StorCenter Network external hard drive, 250GB. I think I purchased it in 2007 or 2008. Any info is much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Ahh, then the traditional advice applies. Open the case, remove the hard drive, and try attaching it directly to the motherboard ports (if you only have a notebook, borrow someone else's PC). That will distinguish between a failure in the IOMEGA portion of the device and the drive.

    If the drive yields its data, copy it quickly in case the drive is on its way out. If it does not, then there are various avenues to recovery, with the direction depending on the first question: is the physical drive seen in the BIOS / in Device Manager?
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